Americans across the political spectrum all agree -- our veterans deserve our full support. Unfortunately, a small number of people in Washington are willing to deprive them of their well-deserved benefits only to score political points.

The House of Representatives has passed legislation to fully fund the Department of Veterans Affairs, but Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid is blocking it from a vote in the Senate and President Obama has threatened to veto it. All because they are playing politics with VA funding.

We call them "The Greatest Generation" because they earned it. We will never know what all they saw as they stormed beaches with gun firing reining down on them. Young men and women who had to leave their schools, jobs and loved ones back home so that our world would be a better place.

Our veterans have sacrificed enough. They shouldn't have to suffer through a government shutdown, too.

The good news is Republicans and Democrats in both Houses of Congress can work together to fund the VA, just as they did to ensure that active duty military members would continue to get paid, regardless of what happens with the shutdown.

We should use that model to ensure that critical operations of our government continue.

Please sign our petition and tell them to FUND OUR VETS!

Fund Our Vets

Tell Harry Reid and President Obama to stop the madness!

Please call your Senators right now: Tell them that the House of Representatives has passed legislation to fully fund the Department of Veterans Affairs and it needs their support.
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CO Michael F. Bennet D (202) 224-5852 Facebook
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CT Richard Blumenthal D (202) 224-2823 Facebook
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DE Thomas R. Carper D (202) 224-2441 Facebook
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HI Mazie K. Hirono D (202) 224-6361 Facebook
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IA Tom Harkin D (202) 224-3254 Facebook
IL Richard J. Durbin D (202) 224-2152 Facebook
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MD Benjamin L. Cardin D (202) 224-4524 Facebook
MD Barbara A. Mikulski D (202) 224-4654 Facebook
MI Carl Levin D (202) 224-6221 Facebook
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MN Al Franken D (202) 224-5641 Facebook
MN Amy Klobuchar D (202) 224-3244 Facebook
MO Claire McCaskill D (202) 224-6154 Facebook
MT Max Baucus D (202) 224-2651 Facebook
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NC Kay R. Hagan D (202) 224-6342 Facebook
ND Heidi Heitkamp D (202) 224-2043 Facebook
NH Jeanne Shaheen D (202) 224-2841 Facebook
NJ Robert Menendez D (202) 224-4744 Facebook
NM Martin Heinrich D (202) 224-5521 Facebook
NM Tom Udall D (202) 224-6621 Facebook
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VT Patrick J. Leahy D (202) 224-4242 Facebook
WA Maria Cantwell D (202) 224-3441 Facebook
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WI Tammy Baldwin D (202) 224-5653 Facebook
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