Protect the 2nd Amendment

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Engraved with a skull and crossed arrows and “Protect the 2nd Amendment” slogan , this wood plaque measures about 13in tall and is 1/8in thick.  This piece is designed to be applied to your wall or other flat surface.

This piece comes coated with polyurethane.  You can use double sided tape for wall applications or wood glue for other permanent applications.

NOTE: These pieces often warp slightly with the laser process and do not lay flat.  Glue or other adhesive will provide a flat layout for display.  This is typical to all 1/8in wood that we engrave to this extent.  If you would like a backer board added to this piece please contact us for details.


Do you have a design that is more personal to you?  Let us know and we can make it for you!

All of our wood products are laser cut and engraved in our shop in Somerset WI.